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2013 Fair

Drema 2013

Virtually all of the leaders of the provider sector in the wood and furniture industry were present among the exhibitors in 2013, in Poznań. The 2013 Drema Furnica 2013 fair was attended by 525 exhibitors from several countries, this being an important fair in central, eastern and southern Europe. As usual, it sparked great interest among professional visitors from Poland and abroad, almost 21 thousand taking part in the event.
This year’s Drema and Furnica fair was visited by representatives of the biggest brands in the furniture and sawmill industry, as well as by representatives of a great number of small and medium enterprises in the wood and furniture sector. Among the people attending were many furniture designers.
The exhibitors were busy with the various activities from day one. Each of the stands attracted the attention of many people interested in the products on offer, and one could hear professional conversations about different technological solutions, machinery and components.
This fair creates a venue for exchanging opinions and industry experience, as well as a chance to form new relationships, both formal and informal. In attending the fair one is provided with the opportunity to improve ones network of partners, as regards both supply and distribution. Our participation in the Drema Fair has become a tradition, and will undoubtedly be continued in the coming years.