Who are we?

We trust in development and modernity

polcommP.H.M. POLCOMM is one of the more dynamically developing companies on the Polish market. It deals in manufacturing and comprehensive servicing of tools used by wood industry companies active in wood and wood-derivatives processing.

We constantly broaden our scope of activities, expand our offer with new products, adapting to the needs and expectations of our customers. Thanks to the launch of a completely independent manufacturing operation we are able to offer a wide variety of tools with diamond and carbide tipped. Our offer encompasses a wide variety of tools currently used in the industry, including sawblades, straight mills, milling heads, interchangeable HM knives, PCD tools, i.e. straight and profiled mills.
The tools offered by our company are characterized by the highest quality and extended lifetime, which is an important factor for increasing the trust of our systematically growing group of clients. We provide professional services both for large concerns and small carpenter workshops.
budynek PolcommExtensive experience and long practice allow us to offer products and services of the highest quality, at attractive prices. The experience we have gained, our modern infrastructure and machinery stock make us a reliable partner that can meet the high expectations of our customers for product quality and timely delivery.
Our mission is: “rapid and comprehensive service for our customers in terms of service and delivery of HSS, HM and PCD cutting tools for woodworking and metal industry”.