About Cookies and how to remove cookies

Cookies are small text files, used to improve web services for you. They make the interaction between you and our web site easier. Without cookies the web site thinks you are a new visitor each time you move to a new page.

The benefits of using cookies are:

• enabling a service to recognise your device so you don’t have to give the same information several times during one task
• recognising that you may already have given a username and password, so you don’t need to do it for every web page requested
• measuring how many people are using services, so they can be made easier to use and there’s enough capacity to ensure they are fast.

European Union (EU) legislation now requires that we let you know about our use of cookies. Visit the Directive on privacy and electronic communications.

We recommend you allow the cookies we set as they help us provide a better service.

How to disable or remove cookies from different browsers: please note, each link will open in an external window.

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Further information about managing cookies can be found on the About Cookies web site link below.