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Sharpening, regeneration and consulting

Apart from manufacturing, sharpening of PCD and HM tools is an important part of our operations.


The process of sharpening polycrystalline diamond inserts consists in eroding metal with an electric beam. The erosion consists in treating PCD with a current of the appropriate parameters. In practice, the tool acts as one of the electrodes, while a wolfram-copper wheel forms the other. The sharpening process is always preceded by cleaning and measuring defects, using a measuring projector with 0.01 mm accuracy.

The software of the numerically-controlled VOLLMER and WALTER processing centres allows sharpening any profile of a diamond tool (i.e. straight and profiled cutters, circular saws, straight and profiled heads), while preserving the original, default parameters. Modern sharpening technology based on CAD-CAM systems enables very precise representation of the profile outline, contained in a file, on the cutting mill edges. Sharpening is performed based on appropriate software packages for straight and profiled cutters and saws. In the case of profiled tools, an image in electronic format (DWG or DXF) is necessary, provided by the customer or created in the company using a measuring projector.


The process of sharpening cemented carbides is conducted using numerically controlled sharpening machines; it provides broad possibilities of shaping blade geometry and ensures a high smoothness of the sharpened surfaces. Sharpening of HM inserts consists in removing the material with a diamond grinding wheel. The diamond removes excess metal until a uniform surface is achieved. After an initial measurement of the tool, the worker places the tool in a CNC grinding machine.

The numerically controlled, 5-axis processing centres (WALTER and TIGRA among others) used for sharpening inserts and cemented carbide knives are fitted with state-of-the-art, pneumatic- and computer-controlled specialist equipment. The company’s large stock of machinery, including a dynamic balancer, sand blaster for tool body cleaning, ultrasonic cleaner for tools, as well as projectors and optic scanners for testing sharpening tolerance, allowed developing a technology that extends tool lifetime. Insert sharpening precision is 0.01 mm, which guarantees preserving the original shape.

We provide sharpening and regeneration services for both local customers and from around Poland and UE. If your company is located a significant distance from our workshop, tools intended for service can be sent by courier after prior arrangement.