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HM tools

Manufacturing and sharpening of cemented carbide (HM) tools.

HM tools

The process of sharpening HM is conducted using numerically controlled sharpening machines; it provides broad possibilities of shaping blade geometry and ensures a high smoothness of the sharpened surfaces. Sharpening of HM inserts consists in removing the material with a diamond grinding wheel. The diamond removes excess metal until a uniform surface is achieved. After an initial measurement of the tool, the worker places the tool in to the CNC grinding machine.

The technological process is controlled by dedicated computer software installed on the device’s panel. During the technological cycle, the processed element is cooled with synthetic oil that runs in closed circulation and serves to protect the element from overheating and losing the desired technical properties.

The numerically controlled, 5-axis processing centres for example (WALTER, TIGRA ) used for sharpening inserts and HM knives are fitted with state-of-the-art, pneumatic- and computer-controlled specialist equipment. The company’s large stock of machinery, including a dynamic balancer, sand blaster used for tool body cleaning, ultrasonic cleaner for tools, as well as projectors and optic scanners for testing sharpening tolerance, allowed developing a technology that extends tool lifetime. Insert sharpening precision is 0.01 mm, which guarantees preserving the original shape.