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Manufacture and service of diamond tools (PCD)

diamond tools

The combined mechanical manufacture technology (including DMG milling and turning centres) coupled with computer-assisted design (3 D Creo) are the lynchpin of the processing innovation which results in an innovative product offer. Supplying the technology park with shaping devices allowed introducing a wide selection of products to the market under our own trademark.

An important element of the manufacturing technology is the process of sharpening polycrystalline diamond that consists in eroding metal with an electric beam. The erosion consists in treating PCD with a current of appropriate parameters. In practice, the tool acts as one of the electrodes, while a wolfram-copper wheel forms the other. The sharpening process is always preceded by cleaning and measuring defects, using a measuring projector with 0.01 mm accuracy.


The software of the numerically-controlled VOLLMER and WALTER processing centres allows sharpening any profile of a diamond tool (i.e. straight and profiled cutters, circular saws, straight and profiled heads), while preserving the original, default parameters. Modern sharpening technology based on CAD-CAM systems enables very precise representation of the profile outline, contained in a file, on the cutting mill edges. Sharpening is performed using the appropriate software packages for straight and profiled cutters and saws. In the case of profiled tools, an image in electronic format (DWG or DXF) is necessary, provided by the customer or created in the company using a measuring projector.

The company’s large stock of machinery, including a dynamic balancer (G 2.5 class), diamond tool regeneration devices, sand blaster for tool body cleaning, profile projectors and optic scanners for testing sharpening tolerance of manufactured and serviced tools, our own R &D department allows developing a technology that extends tool lifetime and guarantees a sharpening tolerance of 0.01 mm. Tools, if used properly, can be sharpened several times while still meeting all requirements and enable customers to save money on purchasing new tools.

Manufacture and sharpening of diamond tools is the newest and the most dynamically developing aspect of our activity. We serve customers from all around Poland and UE. Process innovation attributes such as repeatability, speed and accuracy of manufacturing ensure the competitive market position of the company both now and in the future.