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Cutting tools for the processing of wood and wood-based materials are made to individual designs. You will not find them in the product range of a shop or a distributor. Each product is a dedicated tool solution, created for a particular customer in accordance with his needs. Enquiries may be submitted directly to the company – by phone on tel. 81 855 33 43 or by email on, or to a regional sales representative. Standard metalworking cutting tools can be ordered directly from the company – by phone on tel. 81 855 33 43 or by email on, or from a regional sales representative. For special orders for metalworking, please contact our specialist on tel. 666 378 654 or on You can also send an enquiry about a product from our portfolio. When completed, the form is treated as an enquiry – we will contact you.

In the case of dedicated tools, we suggest using our enquiry forms. For standard metalworking tools, please enter the tool ID number or product information.

It depends on the product ordered. The lead time is specified in our quotation. For dedicated tools, we prepare a solution design, then we send an appropriate drawing together with a proposal to the customer where the completion date is specified. As a rule, the order-completion process takes about 10 days from the moment of the acceptance of the technical drawing. In the case of standard metalworking tools, they are shipped directly after the order is placed.

Yes, you can check the status of your order with your sales representative or customer service department.

It depends on the order-processing stage. Please report such situations immediately to your sales representative or to customer service department . We are flexible, so we will certainly find a solution.

Payments for our products and servicing can be made by bank transfer. In the case of personal collection it is possible to pay in cash.

We send ordered tools using the services of reputable forwarding companies. We take care that our products are properly protected. Tools are packed in safe transport packaging. Courier delivery is a fast and reliable way to deliver products throughout the country. Shipments are usually delivered the next working day.

Yes. Contact our customer service department and they will give you the tracking number and the forwarder’s details. With these you can track your shipment on the shipper’s website.


The choice of the suitable cutting tool depends primarily on its intended use. We manufacture high-speed-steel tools, HM-carbide monolithic tools, and tools with cutting teeth made of HM and PCD polycrystalline diamond. Depending on the material you are planning to process, you should choose the suitable solution

Material typeHSSHMPCD
chip boardsvv
MDF boardsvv
HDF boardsvv
OSB panelsvv
HPL boardsvv
veneered boardsvv
plastics – depending on material specificationsvvv
composite materialsvv
cast ironv
stainless steelv
hardened steelv
other non-ferrous metals e.g. copper, brassvv
HSS – recommended to achieve a smooth surface on the workpiece HM – recommended for the treatment of materials containing small amounts of sand or metal layers PCD – recommended for the treatment of materials containing cement, gypsum, fibres, aluminium layers, or fireproof covers

First of all, you get even better-quality cutting, even higher-quality of work, and a multiple increase in tool life. The diamond tips meets high requirements, following the latest trends in machining processing. PCD tools are perfect for the working of hardwood, exotic woods, wood-based materials and aluminium. They are particularly suitable for the machining of difficult-to-process substances, such as particle boards, or veneered or laminated particle boards, with mineral impurities, where there is a risk of chipping the edges during processing. They will also meet high performance requirements (high rotational speed, high feed rates). Diamond is characterised by high resistance to abrasion and dynamic loads. By choosing this solution, you get cutting teeth which are resistant to chipping, ensuring long and stable operation. Diamond tools are especially recommended in industries where the processing of raw material is undertaken continuously – in the production of long series of a particular assortment. By using these tools you will achieve the greatest economic performance.

Indeed, it is commonly believed that diamond is not suitable for softwood. However, our technologists have found an optimal solution, which is why we recommend cutting tools with polycrystalline-diamond cutting teeth for the processing of this type of wood. Please note that when you order a product, you should indicate its purpose. It will not be the same as tools for hardwood or veneered boards. We use a dozen-or-so types of polycrystalline diamond and select it according to the material being machined.

Above all, you get tools addressing specific requirements and adapted to the indicated working conditions. Carefully chosen and used tools ensure time savings, as well as the shortening and often the eliminating of unnecessary elements in the technological process, thus optimising the entire production process. We start the tool-design process only after we have discussed the customer’s requirements in detail. We take a trip to the customer’s premises and have a good look at the machinery in order to choose the best-possible solution. Our design and production capabilities ensure quick preparation of special tools. Our solutions often afford the possibility of performing several operations with a single tool. By using them, you significantly shorten production times and eliminate the necessity of “rearming” the machine. So, for economic reasons, you should consider a customised solution in order to reduce your production costs, which is achievable thanks to increased productivity, as well as through lower costs and less material losses. More often, the unique nature of the customer’s needs calls for customised solutions, especially in the case of tools for the machining of a specific profile, requiring a complicated blade geometry. Standard tools do not provide desired solutions. A dedicated solution also addresses the customer’s needs related to his or her envisaged production targets, for example specific performance, narrow tolerance ranges, required precision of workmanship, or higher operating parameters.

Of course, it will not always be right to choose the most technologically advanced solution. Many factors affect your choice. Variables we should take into account while making such a decision are the condition of your machinery, the work culture of your machine operators, and the planned size of the product series. If your machine tools need renovation, even a top-quality tool will not eliminate the problems which might arise. When there is a high risk of tool damage, you should also consider investing in a higher-priced solution. In the case of short production runs, it is worth asking yourselves whether to use your tool to destruction, or, when implementing new projects, whether the investment will bring the expected return.

The prices of our standard products, depending on their technological advancement, can be obtained from our sales representatives. The prices of custom solutions depend on the type of tool, the planned production operations, and the materials used. Such tools are priced individually, and the customer receives a quotation together with a product drawing.

An important aspect of our activity is to provide our customers with tool servicing. We provide professional tool servicing, covering the repair, sharpening, and regeneration of tools. Visit our website service section, where you will find additional information about our services. In order to use our tool servicing, please contact your regional sales representative.

Yes. Our products undergo a number of essential tests confirming their safety. The design and manufacture of the tools comply with the safety standards applicable to individual products. The ISO 9001 Quality-Management System we have implemented guarantees the highest quality of our products and services. The DEKRA Certification Sp. z o.o. – has confirmed that our Company meets the requirements of the standard Design, production and maintenance of cutting tools and technological equipment.


Please report the situation immediately to your sales representative or directly to our customer service department . Describe the damage or photos documenting it. The product will be replaced as soon as possible.

If the received item does not meet your expectations, please register your complaint immediately on the following address: (you can use the complaint form available here). You can also file a complaint directly with your sales representative. Please state the reason for the complaint and the circumstances in which the problem was detected. Your submission should specify the contact details necessary to process your complaint, and also attach the relevant documents, or provide data enabling the identification of the sales agreement (e.g. receipt or invoice, order number, etc.). A receipt or invoice attachment is not obligatory, but we recommend it because it usually speeds up the complaints procedure. Warranty claims will be processed within 14 days of their receipt. We will immediately inform you about the manner in which the complaint will be handled.


We produce cutting tools for wood and metal. Our two production halls, with a total area of 6500 m2, are equipped with the most modern machines. You are very welcome to visit our facility in Chlewiska, near Lubartów.

Our company has exclusively Polish capital, and we have built the strength of our brand using Polish human capital. The company was established in 2000, and it is one of the most-dynamically developing companies on the Polish market. We provide a wide variety of our own cutting tools and a full range of maintenance services. The manufacture of our tools takes place in our facility in Chlewiska near Lubartów, the Lubelskie Province.

Our tools are used in leading industries, and are highly regarded by specialists. Our tools for wood and wood-based-material processing are used by manufacturers of furniture, windows, doors, stairs, and floors. Our tools for the machining of steel, cast-iron, aluminium, other non-ferrous metals, graphite and plastics, are used in the automotive, aerospace, machinery, gas and heavy industries. We also deliver our products to many European countries: Russia, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia, the Czech Republic, Lithuania, and Romania. We comprehensively serve both large and small customers. Our homepage displays the logos of the companies to which we have been providing tool solutions.

We manufacture specialised, highly advanced, cutting tools. We are renowned for our dedicated solutions. We undertake challenging projects, responding to our customers’ needs, designing tools which will meet their requirements. We have extensive experience in designing solutions for specific profiles or material formats, unique to particular manufacturers. Our strength lies in tools with polycrystalline diamond cutting teeth. Our designers select the optimum diamond type for the intended application, and the height of the diamond insert is determined by the number of required sharpenings. Our tools are appreciated by specialists and go to leaders of particular industries.

When configuring the cutting tools we make, we use only proven raw materials. Our component suppliers are world leaders in the industry of super-hard materials. In our production we use various types of steel, sintered carbide, and polycrystalline diamond. We use different material grades depending on the tool’s intended use. We select the best grades of raw material in which grain, density, and strength have been optimally selected, which, in combination with our modern production technology, guarantees high- and replicable-quality products.

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