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Here Industry 4.0 technologies support the knowledge
of experienced engineers in creating innovative tool solutions.

Polish brand, European reputation
and global quality standards.

We are a Polish, independent, dynamically developing manufacturer of cutting tools. We provide innovative and comprehensive solutions for leading industries. Polcomm® high-tech wood and metalworking tools have been appreciated by specialists from many industries in Poland and Europe for years. Our production capacity, modern machinery park and system solutions make us a reliable partner for the most demanding customers.

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Polcomm® woodworking tools

Polcomm® woodworking tools

Dedicated, customised Polcomm® tools optimise the processing of wood and wood-based materials.
Polcomm® metalworking tools

Polcomm® metalworking tools

Precise and high-performance tools are the best choice for machining many types of steel, cast iron, heat-resistant alloys, aluminium and non-ferrous materials.
Polcomm® indexable inserts

Polcomm® indexable inserts

The highest performance class and advanced insert geometry guarantee reliable processing even in the most demanding applications.
Polcomm® tool service

Polcomm® tool service

Professional service guarantees increased life of tools at the required quality level. At the same time, it allows to generate significant savings.

Quality appreciated in Europe

Polcomm® innovative and comprehensive technological solutions allowed us to effectively mark our presence on external markets. Our brand is highly-valued by tool industry experts and customers in many European countries, like Sweden, Denmark, Germany, Slovakia, Czechia, Lithuania, Romania, Ukraine and Russia.

  • Design of tools

    Polcomm® original technological designs allow to adapt the structure of tools to the most challenging applications. Our design office uses the latest CAD software with full virtual 3D spatial simulation to design tools. The spatial software enables us to verify the dimensioning using virtual models. (…)
  • Selection of materials

    We select the best grades of raw material in which grain, density, and strength have been optimally selected. In combination with our modern production technology, this guarantees high- and replicable-quality products. Our component suppliers are world leaders in the industry of super-hard materials. We use various types of steel, sintered carbide, and polycrystalline diamond. We use different material grades depending on the tool’s intended use. (…)
  • Production of tools

    The Polcomm® production process is based on automated park of CNC machine tools from renowned companies. Our machinery and numerous auxiliary devices ensure very high accuracy of processes. We are systematically expanding our machinery in order to enhance our production capacity and raise the manufacturing standard. (…)
  • Quality control

    Our effective quality control guarantees that the final product will comply with the design assumptions and specific requirements. Quality control is a complex process consisting of numerous operations at various stages of production preparation, and its course. It starts with verification of the delivered components, and is used during each stage of production, and ends with a final inspection performed by specialised personnel (…)

Precision. Speed. Reliability.

Polcomm® woodworking tools

Dedicated and customised tools are solutions allowing to fully optimise the efficiency of production process while maintaining the highest quality of cutting wood, wood-based materials and plastics.

We offer wide range of router cutters, cutters, drills, saw blades, exchangeable knives and clamping systems and accessories.


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Polcomm® tool solutions for woodworking industry.

Door manufacturers

Furniture factories

Floor manufacturers

Window factories

Stairs manufacturers

Innovation. Quality. Efficiency.

Polcomm® metalworking tools

Innovative technology, highest precision and above-average performance – these are the most important features of Polcomm® cutting tools dedicated to machining steel, stainless steel, hardened steel, cast iron, heat-resistant alloys and non-ferrous materials.

We offer an extensive catalogue of drills, reamers, countersink, end mills, face milling cutters, toolholders, indexable inserts, clamping systems and customised tools.

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Polcomm® technologies for industry.

Aviation industry

Automotive industry

Railway industry

Machine industry

Electrotechnical industry

Arms industry

Triumph of future technologies.

Polcomm® indexable inserts

Autonomous metallographic laboratory, design office for testing insert geometry in 3D virtual space, state-of-the-art tool shop equipped with a number of digitally controlled machine tools, original carbide sintering programs and automated coating line.

Thanks to the technology based on the latest global developments, Polcomm® indexable inserts guarantee reliable processing in the most difficult applications. We have a wide range of top-quality indexable inserts for turning and milling, available in many grades, with different chip breakers and corner radii, with PVD and CVD coatings.

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Polcomm® professional service

We offer a full range of services for our products. Professional regeneration ensures long-term life of tools at the required quality level and generates significant savings in our Customers’ budgets.

Our offer also includes inspection of technical condition of tools, precise measurements of defects, sharpening and coating, as well as re-profiling of new tools to adapt them to the Customers’ requirements.

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