Triumph of the future technology.

Polcomm® indexable inserts

The highest performance class
in advanced applications

Plant producing indexable inserts

Unique in Europe and ground-breaking Polcomm® project.

This is a ground-breaking project in the history of our company. Polcomm® has implemented a complete technology for manufacturing replaceable carbide indexable inserts developed in cooperation with the R&D department and recognised foreign consultants. For the purpose of this project, a modern and comprehensively equipped production plant covering the area of 2600 m2 was built.

The complete technological process of manufacturing indexable inserts was arranged in one place based on the latest global engineering innovations. All processes, starting from designing the geometry of inserts and dies, through manufacturing of compacting tool sets, pressing, sintering, grinding, vacuum brazing, and laser shaping, to coating, are carried out in the new factory. Customers can also visit our demonstration and training centre equipped with numerically controlled machine tools.

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Unique in Europe and ground-breaking Polcomm® project.
The comprehensively equipped production plant, complete technological process and modern automated machinery park.

Indexable inserts

Broad assortment and advanced geometry


Strong and durable inserts guarantee reliable and safe cutting operation in even the most advanced applications. They allow to cut the desired material in an effective way and ensure smooth chip evacuation and breaking. Application of Polcomm® indexable inserts ensures optimal use of your machine when machining various materials and components.


Based on our extensive experience in cutting processes, we have prepared an offer of indexable inserts for turning, milling and grooving. Inserts are available in many grades, with different chip breakers and corner radii, as well as with PVD and CVD coatings. Preparatory process resulted in excellent combination of high quality carbide and advanced insert geometry.

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Polcomm® customised inserts

In addition to inserts manufactured according to ISO standard, we manufacture inserts based on the customers’ own design and offer customised solutions to meet customers’ needs. Adaptability of the production line allows for quick production launch of a new design and for manufacture of new products in small batches.

Polcomm® professional service

Polcomm® professional service

We offer a full range of services for our products. Professional regeneration ensures long-term life of tools at the required quality level and generates significant savings in our Customers’ budgets.

Our offer also includes inspection of technical condition of tools, precise measurements of defects, sharpening and coating, as well as re-profiling of new tools to adapt them to the Customers’ requirements.

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Multifunctional vending machines

Multifunctional vending machines

Automate tool management in your company. Choose multifunctional automated dispensing machines with dedicated IDS application. The combination of an automated vending machine with an integrated distribution system allows for 24/7 control of dispensing and guarantees availability of products that you need at the moment.

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Advanced technology of cutting fluids
and filtration

We provide full sales and logistics service in the field of cutting fluids, machining oils and non-woven filter fabrics. We offer solutions for almost all operations concerning machining of metal and other materials. Right selection of products translates into reliability and increased performance of metal working machines.

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