Milling cutters

for WNEU 04 inserts

90° profile and economical 6-teeth inserts.
Precise geometry and effortless machining.

Milling cutters

for AOMT 07 inserts

High-performance milling cutters for machining with high feed rates.
Geometry of inserts ensuring low cutting temperature.

Vending machines

Automate tool management in your company

We offer multifunctional devices for collecting and returning items with a dedicated system for managing the dispensing processes. The combination of the vending machines with the integrated distribution system allows for 24/7 control of dispensing and guarantees availability of products that you need at the moment. Dedicated software enables integration with ERP and GERP customer systems, and thus easy data management. The use of vending machines significantly reduces the storage costs. We offer a range of self-service devices dispensing machines tailored to the specificity and needs of companies operating in various industries. Each machine has customized configuration and settings can be easily changed while in use. This means the capacity of the machine can each time be adjusted to the current operational needs.

Polcomm® professional service

Polcomm® professional service

We offer a full range of services for our products. Professional regeneration ensures long-term life of tools at the required quality level and generates significant savings in our Customers’ budgets.

Our offer also includes inspection of technical condition of tools, precise measurements of defects, sharpening and coating, as well as re-profiling of new tools to adapt them to the Customers’ requirements.

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