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Professional Service

Polcomm® innovative and comprehensive technological solutions.

Tool servicing is an important aspect of our after-sales services. Professional servicing ensures that products continue to work at the required quality level. Simultaneously, savings can be made new tools can be bought at a later time.

Before tools are sharpened, they are cleaned ultrasonically in special baths. Then we check their condition. We measure material cavities, if any, using a measuring projector and determine the minimum layer to be removed during the sharpening process.

These operations permit the number of sharpenings to be maximised and thus extend tool service life.

Sharpening is performed with the use of modern technology, on automated CNC grinders. Numerically controlled machines make it possible to achieve high sharpening accuracy, which increases the effectiveness and lifetime of a tool. The software of the machining centres allows you to sharpen any tool profile while maintaining the original blade geometry. Modern sharpening technology, based on CAD-CAM systems, enables a very-accurate reproduction of the profile at the cutting edges contained in a path file.

Polcomm® coatings

We have a complete, fully automated coating line with dedicated technology and equipment. In our factory we perform the full coating process: surface and blade preparation using an automatic wet sandblasting line, washing in an ultrasonic cleaner, drying in a vacuum, coating in a PVD oven and control of process parameters in the laboratory. We offer a professional selection of technology and type of coating for your application. We guarantee coatings with thicknesses and properties appropriate for a given cutting process.

Structural, alloy, tool steels

Stainless, acid-resistant, heat-resistant steels, titanium

Non-ferrous materials: aluminium, copper, brass

Heat-resistant alloys, hardened steels

Once sharpened, shank and arbor tools are dynamically balanced, which ensures quiet and stable operation, thus reducing the load on the machine. A balancing report is included with each serviced tool. All serviced tools are subjected to quality control to ensure that the profile and geometry of the blade comply with the requirements.

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